DAIKIN V38A1R-95 Pump

V series Piston Pump


l Low noise

™ Low noise operation over the entire pressure range has been realized in each series.

l High efficiency

™ Fluid temperature rise can be reduced due to the smaller power loss. This means that the tank can be

designed in a small size.

l High reliability

™ High responsivity, high stability, and long life make it possible to increase the reliability of the main machine.

Model No.V38A1R-95
Applicable fluid codeNo designation: Petroleum-based hydraulic fluid
W: Water-glycol hydraulic fluid
F: Phosphate ester hydraulic fluid
Pump capacity8: 8.0 cm3/rev
15: 14.8 cm3/rev
23: 23.0 cm3/rev
38: 37.7 cm3/rev
50: 51.6 cm3/rev
70: 69.8 cm3/rev
Control method IA: Pressure compensator control
C: Combination control
D: Dual pressure control
SA: Power-match control
Direction of rotation, when viewed from the shaft endR: Clockwise (rightward)
L: Counterclockwise (leftward)
Design No. (The design No. is subject to change)*120: Pump model V8, V50
95: Pump model V15, V38
30: Pump model V23
<When control method I is A, CH, or SA>
35: Pump model V23
<When control method I is CJ or D>
60: Pump model V70
Control method IIINo designation: Without remote control system
RC: With remote control system

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V38A1RX-95 Piston Pump Daikin – All World Machinery

V38A1RX-95 Piston Pump Daikin. Low noise operation over the entire pressure range has been realized in this series. Fluid temperature rise can be reduced .

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