Parker F11-019-MV-SV-K-000-000-0 Pump

F11 Features

  • Max intermittent pressure up to 420 bar and continuous operating pressure up to 350 bar.
  • Thanks to low weight pistons and a compact design of the rotating parts, the F11 tolerates very high speeds, up to 14000 rpm.

General Features:

  • The laminated piston ring offers essential advantages such as unbeatable efficiency and thermal shock resistance.
  • High allowable speeds and operating pressures means high output power.
  • The unique piston locking, timing gear, and bearing set-up and the limited number of parts add up to a very robust design with long service life and, above all, proven reliability.
  • The 40° angle between the shaft and cylinder barrel allows for a very compact, lightweight motor/ pump.
  • Small envelope size and a high power-to-weight ratio.


Frame sizeF11-019-MV-SV-K-000-000-0
Displacement [cm3/rev]19.0
Operating pressure
max intermittent1) [bar]420
max continuous [bar]350
Motor operating speed [rpm]
max intermittent 1)8 900
max continuous8 100
min continuous50
Max pump self-priming speed
L or R function; max [rpm]3 500
Motor input flow
max intermittent1) [l/min]169
max continuous [l/min]154
Drain temperature3), max [°C]115
min [°C]-40
Theoretical torque at 100 bar [Nm]30.2
Mass moment of inertia
(x10-3) [kg m2]1.1
Weight [kg]11

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Parker Hannifin, parker Mobile Hydraulics 191103 BZ PTO T/S ISUZU MBP6P 114A-164-HS-0 NICHOLS MOTOR 16.4 …… 379502 SWITCH-PRESSURE 277/859 HRS-156-000-BOR-S MINI PISTON …… SK-PLP20/20/20-S/S-V KIT-SEAL PLP20 VITON 3 SECTION P350BP315B 35493 …… 3911426044 STUD 19.1/2″X1/2″ UNC 3703516 F11-019-MB-CN-K-000.