Parker F12-080-MS-SN-T-000-000-0 Pump

F12 Features:

  • Max intermittent pressure up to 480 bar and continuous operating pressure up to 420 bar
  • The 7 or 9 piston design provides high start-up torque and smooth motor operation
  • ISO, Cartridge, SAW, and SAE versions

General Features:

  • The motor version has highly engineered valve plates for high speed and low noise.
  • The pump version has highly engineered valve plates for increased self-priming speed and low noise, available with left and right-hand rotation.
  • The F11’s and F12’s have a simple and straight-forward design with very few moving parts, making them very reliable motors/pumps.
  • Our unique timing gear design synchronizes the shaft and cylinder barrel, making the F11/F12 very tolerant to high ‘G’ forces and torsional vibrations.
  • Heavy-duty roller bearings permit substantial external axial and radial shaft loads.

Frame sizeF12-080-MS-SN-T-000-000-0
Displacement [cm3/rev]80.4
Operating pressure
max intermittent1) [bar]480
max continuous [bar]420
Motor operating speed [rpm]
max intermittent5300
max continuous4800
min continuous50
Max pump self-priming speed
L or R function; max [rpm]2300
Motor input flow
max intermittent1) [l/min]426
max continuous [l/min]386
Drain temperature3),  max [°C]115
min [°C]-40
Theoretical torque at 100 bar [Nm]127.6
Mass moment of inertia
(x10-3) [kg m2]8.4
Weight [kg]25.7

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