NACHI PVS-1B-16N0-12 Pump



  • Multiple pressure compensation options
  • Multiple splines and key shaft options
  • Low friction Nachi bearings guarantee pump viability

Nachi Design

  • High operating efficiency for lower power

consumption and reduced heat generation

  • Semi-circular swash plate reduces power loss

by ensuring a stable discharge volume

  • 11 piston design minimizes flow ripple, further reducing noise



Model No.PVS-1B-16N0-12
Volume in3/ rev (cm3/rev).3-1.0(5.0 -16.5)
Discharge volume at no-load (GPM)7.8
Pressure range (psi)290 to 507
290 to 1015
435 to 2030
435 to 3045
Permitted peak pressure) (psi)3625
Front shaftK: SAE (AH) 19-1 (3/4)
SI: SAE (AH) 19-4 (11T) S3: SAE (B)22-4 (13T)
Rear shaftSAE (A) 16-4 (9T)
Port sizeInlet: SAE-16
Outlet: SAE-12


Over the years, we have been committed to the production and research of PVS PISTON PUMP THRU SHAFT SERIES. We not only provide high-quality machinery and accessories for sale on the market, but we also care about customers’ profits and the impact of machinery on the environment. If you want to know more details, please contact us immediately!

PVS-1B-16N0-12 Piston Pump – 16cc – standard compensator

Description. Nachi PVS1B16N012, Nachi PVS-1B-16N0-12. Piston Pump 16cc standard compensator. Energy-saving type with drastically reduced loss

PVS-1B-16N0-12 | PVS series variable capacity type piston

PVS-1B-16N0-12 PVS series variable capacity type piston pump from NACHI(FUJIKOSHI). MISUMI has 2600 brands, 9 million products of Automation.


¡Pressure adjustment 3 types have been added to PVS-1B-22 and PVS-2B-45.Min. Max. PVS-0B-8*0-E30. 1. 2. 3. 8.0. (0.49). 8.0. (2.1). 9.6. (2.5). 12.0. (3.2).