NACHI UVN-1A-0A2-1.5-4-11 Pump

UVN Series Variable Volume Vane Uni-Pump

Energy-efficient high performance All the performance of a vane pump, right from the low-pressure range, is enhanced even further by eliminating the external drain and optimizing the pressure balance, creating a design that generates little heat. The result is a pump that contributes to the energy efficiency of the mother machine and process precision.


Model No.UVN-1A-0A2-1.5-4-11
Pump Capacity in3/rev.49
Pressure Adjustment Range Kgf/cm² (psi)15.3 to 40.8 (217 to 580)
35.7 to 61.2 (507 to 870)
56.1 to 81.6 (797 to 1160)
No-load Discharge Rate GPM50Hz3.1


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UVN Series Variable Volume Vane Uni-pump

No-load Discharge Rate ℓ/min. 50Hz. 60Hz. UVN-1A-0A2-0.7. 1.5. -4-12. 8.1. Note2) Due to the change of designs from 11 to 12, 20 to 30, the color of paint is.

UVN-1A-1A3-1.5-4-11 NSP uni-pump – Air & Hydraulic Equipment,

Description. Nachi UVN1A1A31.5411, Nachi?UVN-1A-1A3-1.5-4-11. NSP Uni pump. Lightweight, compact, easy to handle. Suitable for a wide range of.