NACHI PZ-3B-16-70E3A-11 Pump

PZ Series Load Sensitive Variable Piston Pump Features: The electro-hydraulic proportional control valve uses the proven force feedback system for improved hysteresis, repeatability, and response. Creating a double pump configuration with an IP pump further expands the range of possible applications. Model No. PZ-3B-16-70E3A-11 Pump Capacity cu in/rev 4.27 Maximum Working Pressure psi 3045 Pressure Adjustment Range psi 290 to 1000/290 to 2000/290 to 3000 Flow Control Limit Range GPM Note 3 .26 to 33 Revolution Speed min -1 Min. 600 Max. 1800 Weight lbs 132 Fixed Discharge Pump  Note 1 Capacity cu in/rev 3.6 to 15.80 Pressure psi 3000 … Read more

NACHI PVS-2B-35N0-12 Pump

PVS PISTON PUMP THRU SHAFT SERIES PVS PUMP Multiple pressure compensation options Multiple splines and key shaft options Low friction Nachi bearings guarantee pump viability Nachi Design High operating efficiency for lower power consumption and reduced heat generation Semi-circular swash plate reduces power loss by ensuring a stable discharge volume 11 piston design minimizes flow ripple, further reducing noise Model No. PVS-2B-35N0-12 Volume in3/ rev (cm3/rev) .48-2.1(8.0-35.0) Discharge volume at no-load (GPM) 16.6 Pressure range (psi) 290 to 507 290 to 1015 435 to 2030 435 to 3045 Permitted peak pressure) (psi) 3625 Front shaft K: SAE(B・B)25・1(1”) OO. OHt (D; … Read more