Bosch Rexroth A6VE Pump


▶ Space-saving construction due to the recessed mounting flange

▶ Easy to install. Simply plug into the mechanical gearbox.

▶ Approved for very high rotational speeds

▶ High starting efficiency

▶ Excellent slow-running characteristics

▶ Wide control range (can be swiveled to zero)

▶ High torque

▶ Optional with flushing and boost-pressure valve mounted

▶ Optional with an integrated or mounted counterbalance valve

▶ Bent-axis design

Axial piston unitBent-axis design, variable, nominal pressure 450 bar, maximum pressure 500 bar
Operating modePlug-in motor
Size (NG)Geometric displacement
Control deviceProportional control, hydraulic positive control ΔpSt = 10 bar

ΔpSt = 25 bar

negative control ΔpSt = 10 bar

ΔpSt = 25 bar

Proportional control, electric positive control U = 12 V

U = 24 V

negative control U = 12 V

U = 24 V

Two-point control, hydraulic negative control

Two-point control, electric negative control U = 12 V

U = 24 V

U = 12 V

U = 24 V

Automatic control high-pressure related, positive control with minimum pressure increase Δp ≤ approx. 10 bar

with pressure increase Δp = 100 bar

with minimum pressure increase Δp ≤ approx. 10 bar

Pressure control/overrideWithout pressure control/override

Pressure control fixed setting, only for HP5, HP6, EP5 and EP6

Override of the HA1 and HA2 controls, hydraulic remote-controlled, proportional

Connector for solenoidsWithout connector (without solenoid, only for hydraulic control) 0 DEUTSCH – molded connector, 2-pin, without suppressor diode
Response time dampingWithout damping (standard with HP and EP) 0 Damping HP, EP, HP5,6D. and EP5,6D., HZ, EZ, HA with BVD/BVE counterbalance valves 1 One-sided in the inlet to large stroking chamber (HA)
Setting range for displacementVg max-setting screw Vg min-setting screw

No setting screw short (0-adjustable)



extra long

short (0-adjustable)



extra long

medium short (0-adjustable)


long extra long

SeriesSeries 7, index 1
A version of port and fastening threadsMetric, port thread with O-ring seal according to ISO 6149
Direction of rotationViewed on the drive shaft, bidirectional
Sealing materialFKM (fluoroelastomer)
Driveshaft bearingStandard bearing
Mounting flangeISO 3019-2





DriveshaftSplined shaft DIN 5480 W35×2×16×9g




Working portSAE working ports A and B at rear

SAE working ports A and B lateral, opposite

SAE working ports A and B at bottom only with integrated BVI counterbalance valve4)

Port plate with 1-level pressure relief valves for mounting a counterbalance valve5) BVD20

BVD25, BVE25

ValveWithout a valve

With BVD/BVE counterbalance valves mounted6)

Integrated brake release valve (only with port plate 6) For external piping

for internal ducting

With flushing and boost-pressure valve mounted flushing on both sides Flushing flow when: Δp = PND ‒ pG = 25 bar and v = 10 mm2/s (PND = low pressure, pG  = case pressure) Only possible with port plates 1 and 2 Flushing flow Qv [l/min] 3.5

Speed sensorWithout speed sensor

Prepared with DSA speed sensor

With DSA speed sensor mounted8)

Standard / special versionStandard version 0 Standard version with installation variants, e.g. T ports open and closed contrary to standard Y Special version


Over the years, we have been committed to producing and researching Variable plug-in motor A6VE Series 71. We not only provide high-quality machinery and accessories for sale on the market, but we also care about customers’ profits and the impact of machinery on the environment. If you want to know more details, please contact us immediately!

A6VE – Variable plug-in motors | Bosch Rexroth USA Variable motor A6VE with an axial tapered piston rotary group of bent-axis design for hydrostatic drives is available for open and closed circuits. It can be used in.

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