Bosch Rexroth A6VE Pump

Features ▶ Space-saving construction due to the recessed mounting flange ▶ Easy to install. Simply plug into the mechanical gearbox. ▶ Approved for very high rotational speeds ▶ High starting efficiency ▶ Excellent slow-running characteristics ▶ Wide control range (can be swiveled to zero) ▶ High torque ▶ Optional with flushing and boost-pressure valve mounted ▶ Optional with an integrated or mounted counterbalance valve ▶ Bent-axis design Axial piston unit Bent-axis design, variable, nominal pressure 450 bar, maximum pressure 500 bar Operating mode Plug-in motor Size (NG) Geometric displacement Control device Proportional control, hydraulic positive control ΔpSt = 10 bar ΔpSt = 25 bar negative control ΔpSt = 10 bar ΔpSt = 25 bar … Read more