NACHI PZ-6B-125-180E3A-20 Pump

PZ Series Load Sensitive Variable Piston Pump

Startup Precautions:

Check to make sure that the rotation direction of the pump is the same as the rotation direction indicated by the arrow on the pump body.

Air entering the pump or pipes can cause noise or vibration. At startup, set the pump discharge side to a no-load state, and operate the pump in the inching mode to remove any air that might be in the pump or pipes.

To enable superior pressure and flow control, loosen the air vent when starting up the pump in order to release any air, and fill the inside of the solenoid with hydraulic operating fluid. You can change the position of the air vent by rotating its cover.

Model No.PZ-6B-125-180E3A-20
Pump Capacity cu in/rev10.98
Maximum Working Pressure psi3045
Pressure Adjustment Range psi290 to 1000/ 290 to 2000 /290 to 3000
Flow Control Limit Range gpm Note 3.79 to 85.6
Revolution Speed min -1Min.600
Weight lbs353
Fixed Discharge Pump  Note 1Capacity cu in/rev3.6 to 63.98
Pressure psi3000

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NACHI PZ-6B-180E3A-20 PZ Series Load Sensitive Variable

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PZ Series Load Sensitive Variable Piston Pump

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