NACHI PZ-6B-125-180E3A-20 Pump

PZ Series Load Sensitive Variable Piston Pump Startup Precautions: Check to make sure that the pump’s rotation direction is the same as the rotation direction indicated by the arrow on the pump body. Air entering the pump or pipes can cause noise or vibration. At startup, set the pump discharge side to a no-load state, and operate the pump in the inching mode to remove any air in the pump or pipes. To enable superior pressure and flow control, loosen the air vent when starting up the pump to release any air, and fill the solenoid with hydraulic operating fluid. … Read more

NACHI PZ-6B-80-180E1A-20 Pump

PZ Series Load Sensitive Variable Piston Pump Fluid: Use only good-quality hydraulic operating fluid with a kinematic viscosity during operation within 20 to 200 centistokes. Normally, you should use an R&O type and wear-resistant type of ISOGV32 to 68 or equivalent. The optimum kinematic viscosity during operation is 20 to 50 centistokes. The operating temperature range is 41 to 140°F. When the startup’s oil temperature is 41°F or less, run the pump at low pressure until the oil temperature reaches 40°F. Provide a suction strainer with a filtering grade of about 100μ (150 mesh). Provide a return line filter of … Read more