NACHI PZ-4B-25-100E2A-11 Pump

PZ Series Load Sensitive Variable Piston Pump Features: Keep the clamping length of couplings and pump shafts at least 2/3 the length of the coupling width. Use a sufficiently rigid pump mounting base. Set pump suction side pressure to −4 psi or more (suction port flow velocity less than 6 ft/sec). Model No. PZ-4B-25-100E2A-11 Pump Capacity cu in/rev 6.10 Maximum Working Pressure psi 3045 Pressure Adjustment Range psi 290 to 1000/ 290 to 2000 /290 to 3000 Flow Control Limit Range GPM Note 3 .26 to 47.5 Revolution Speed min -1 Min. 600 Max. 1800 Weight lbs 167 Fixed Discharge Pump … Read more